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The Lehmann Glass oenological brand has been created based on passion and a love for wine. Isn’t it fascinating to hear a sommelier describe the aromas revealed by a wine? In order to find the right word to describe each olfactory sensation in a wine tasting, you have to understand the history of wine and the secrets of wine tasting. To discover and appreciate the wine aroma, it is necessary to have the right glass. At Lehmann Glass, they created and designed a number of collections that meet the oenological requirements of the general public and offer machine and hand-blown glasses.

Verrerie de la Marne (Glassworks in Marne)

Verrerie de la Marne produces a wide range of smooth line products that cleverly combine modern and traditional design. To meet the high expectations of a prestigious clients, a team of the best specialists in manufacturing techniques is working together on each project: whether it is a machine production or blown glass collection. The glassworks in Marne appeals not only to famous brands but also to the general public, which has the opportunity to use glasses of the highest quality.

Gérard Lehmann

Gérard Lehmann is a passionate perfectionist who works with the world’s leading wine-makers and sommeliers. The strength of 30 years’ glassmaking experience, he has created numerous collections of oenological glasses drawing extensively on the knowledge of experts and professionals from the world of wine. His partners include the Union des OEnologues de France, Philippe Jamesse (sommelier from Domaine Les Crayères) and Gérard Basset (world’s best sommelier 2010). Each of them has provided their expertise and knowledge, which when combined with the expertise of Gérard Lehmann, have resulted in oenological concepts that make each wine tasting a unique experience.

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