The unique OENOMUST series originated from a meeting of originality and oenology. Tradition, modern design and expertise! The perfect shape of this glass touches all aspects of wine tasting and meets the expectations of wine lovers. Designed by Gérard Lehmann and approved by Gérard Basset. At first glance, the Oenomust range is surprising in its innovative design that combines the expanded bottom of the glass for controlled rotation and a tapered top for optimum aroma concentration. The smooth and controlled rotation is enhanced by the generous base of the glass, which allows the wine to express itself and develop a full range of aromas. No molecules will be lost due to the tapered top that retains all the aromatic properties of the wine. The thinness of the cold cut edge helps you to put the wine in your mouth, increases the perception of your taste buds, and makes the lip-to-glass contact a pleasant experience. The Oenomust range improves all moments associated with wine with a generous, innovative shape that allows you to rediscover the aromas and tastes of wines from around the world.

Machine-made glasses

Unbeatable durability of high-quality machine-blown glass!

Elegant glasses reveal great oenological behavior during wine tasting!

Blown glass

The art of glass blowing goes almost 2000 years back. The basis is in great discipline, patience and unique know-how. This technique is very difficult to manufacture and requires high precision – especially when creating the stem of the glass. In collaboration with the glass masters, Lehmann Glass has created a modern and original series following the proven glass traditions. Blown glass ensures optimum quality and freedom in shaping. This technique produces very light, transparent glass without glare and unrivaled edge thinness. Thanks to the quality of blown glass, each wine tasting is unique experience!



The delicate process of decanting wine allows the aroma to develop and requires some expertise:
White wines, sweet wines, some young and fruity red wines, and even some sparkling wines must be decanted and tasted quickly. Decanting a young and strong red wine a few hours before consumption gives it a chance to develop and reach a stage of development that usually lasts for years. Wines older than 10 years or more are more complex and need to be treated individually. Decanters are made in accordance with the glass tradition and will surprise you with their original refined and elegant shapes, which are specially designed for any type of wine.